Customs Related to Slavas and Village Slavas in the Village of Dejan near Vlasotince

Folkloristics 8/1-2 (2023):
Author: Дејан Крстић

The paper features the ethnographic material about the customs related to slavas and village slavas written down in the village of Dejan near Vlasotince on the occasion of ethnologic fieldwork on June 30 and July 1, 2018. Although collected from a small number of tellers, the presented ethnographic material offers quite detailed and well-rounded descriptions of the customs related to slavas and village slavas in the village of Dejan. They provide the basis for forming a complete idea of these customs. A number of invaluable details from these samples gives insight into the types of customs existing in Vlasotince area and enriches the general fund of information about them as important characteristics of the traditional Balkan culture.

Keywords: village Dejan, village slava, ritual bread, bread for slava, litany.